Sunday, August 02, 2009

A Day for Dreams Fulfilled

Papa and Nana (my parents) plan a very special trip with their grandchildren on very special birthdays. For the boys, it's a trip to the Lego store when they turn 10 (a rather arbitrary number that happened because Nathaniel, their oldest grandson, turned 10 shortly before Anna, their oldest granddaughter, turned 8).

Eight is a very magical number for girls because that is the day they are officially old enough (by package labeling) to own an American Girl Doll. I'm fortunate that it was my mother's dream for her granddaughters to own and enjoy at least one American Girl doll. Because otherwise, they wouldn't.

It just so happened that 2009 is the magical year that two of their granddaughters turn eight, within six weeks of each other. So, they planned their trip (poor Papa!) for downtown Chicago and the American Girl Doll store.

This is what I imagined their day would be like. Nana (and Papa) enduring while two little girls squealed and hugged and generally expressed their unparalleled enthusiasm for such a trip. I cannot believe Papa caught this moment on the CTA bus.
Mom says it was really quite enjoyable. I mentioned to her that my friend asked if we were going to see pictures chronicling this big day in the lives of Priscilla and Lydia. Mom says she glad I did, because she remembered to take pictures. The only picture we're missing is the one of Priscilla curled up in a chair in her daddy's office downtown, feeling too sick to move. Lydia decided that they should give Priscilla the morning to see if she could feel better so their trip wouldn't have to be canceled. Papa and Nana took her to Millenium Park. She was a trooper - she walked many "thousand-millions" of steps (as Isaac put it) that morning. And they got some cool pictures.
After patiently waiting (I'm sure it felt like eons!), they went to the restaurant and there was Priscilla - back to her normal, chipper self! Lunch, and ice cream, with Papa, Nana, Uncle Troy & Aunt Carrie at the Frango Cafe in Macy's. Wait. Why wasn't I invited?

Then, finally, mecca. The American Girl Doll Store!

As if the day couldn't be any more special, Papa & Nana invited Lydia to spend the night that night.Elizabeth (Felicity's friend) has not left her side since then. She behaved very well, according to Lydia, during her first church service and Sunday School class. But she had to stay home and take a nap when we went to the beach this afternoon.

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