Friday, February 24, 2012

And Still More Pictures...

Random pictures from January & February

Another one of Issac's Lego creations.
This is an aircraft carrier, complete with a plane with folding wings.

One of my creations: homemade bread.  I made four loaves.  Then the kids said, "We're tired of homemade bread!"  WHAT??

My awesome new shoes.  Less than $10 at Kohl's.  Who doesn't love new shoes, new red shoes, and a great deal?  Not me, that's for sure.
(DoRe': do pictures of my creations and bargains count as pictures of me? **grin**) 

Look - we actually celebrated Valentine's Day!  As a family!  With a festive tablecloth and napkins and everything fancy - except fancy food.  Although we did have pudding for dessert.  Yum.

Isaac: "Mom!  The guy on Nathaniel's card looks like he's looking at a girl!"
The whole table dissolved into giggles.

Another of my recent creations:  vegetarian bean chili made from scratch.

Somehow Isaac ended up in 3 science classes at our co-op this semester.  In one of his classes, they studied volcanoes.  We made it erupt at home.  It was so fun he had a hard time parting with it, so I took a picture.

One of the three 'thank-you' hugs Nana got after bringing Isaac a special gift.
What gift was that?

The Vulcan Nerf Gun.  Quite the beast of a gun.  I got some great video, which I'll share once I get it edited down to a manageable size.

And, yes, Papa was a part of this whole presentation - which you will see in the video.

Hey look!  We're caught up!  Four months in three days - how time flies.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

More Pictures

I'm working on a new book review blog/website (and I can't wait to show you!) but I'm having technical issues - unable to access it right now.

So... since I'm stymied in working on that, and I don't particularly want to plan schoolwork for the next three week, here I am again.  With more pictures.  From centuries ago.  Well, really only Christmas.  It just seems like centuries ago.

Our holidays were so busy and full of family gatherings I swear it took me until January 15th to recover.  But it was a good busy - and I'm glad I needed to recover - because it meant I got to see and spend time with people I love.

During December, as in every other month of the year, the boys were building lots of 'creations' with their Legos.  Isaac asked me to print out pictures of a WWII destroyer from the internet, and he proceeded to build this:

 Isaac, with some help from Nathaniel, built this WWII Destroyer, complete with airplane.

Here are a few pictures from the various gatherings:

 Anna celebrated her 12th birthday...

Everywhere we went.

 Family Christmas

 My brother & his wife

 Aren't these girls so grown-up??

 Cousins - and best buds

 Mary gives Nathaniel a hug after receiving a rug he crocheted for her American Girl doll.

Nathaniel crochets at Grandpa & Grandma's


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Playing Catch Up

I found my camera the other day, and as I was flipping through pictures, I realized I hadn't uploaded them to my computer since... um... Thanksgiving.

Not a fact I'm proud of, for sure.  But, I have now uploaded all the pictures between Thanksgiving and today.   I will not try to dump them on you at once, but a little at a time.

Aren't you happy?

I almost skipped Thanksgiving.  But then I looked at the pictures, and a couple of them made me laugh.  So, here you go:

Thanksgiving 2011.  Rockford, IL.

 Playing games - or the piano

 Isaac was enamored with Meaghan's new puppy.

 Erik & Grandma

 Neil quietly eating the last piece of pecan pie.

Rebecca's reaction when she realized Neil was eating the last piece of pecan pie.