Thursday, February 23, 2012

More Pictures

I'm working on a new book review blog/website (and I can't wait to show you!) but I'm having technical issues - unable to access it right now.

So... since I'm stymied in working on that, and I don't particularly want to plan schoolwork for the next three week, here I am again.  With more pictures.  From centuries ago.  Well, really only Christmas.  It just seems like centuries ago.

Our holidays were so busy and full of family gatherings I swear it took me until January 15th to recover.  But it was a good busy - and I'm glad I needed to recover - because it meant I got to see and spend time with people I love.

During December, as in every other month of the year, the boys were building lots of 'creations' with their Legos.  Isaac asked me to print out pictures of a WWII destroyer from the internet, and he proceeded to build this:

 Isaac, with some help from Nathaniel, built this WWII Destroyer, complete with airplane.

Here are a few pictures from the various gatherings:

 Anna celebrated her 12th birthday...

Everywhere we went.

 Family Christmas

 My brother & his wife

 Aren't these girls so grown-up??

 Cousins - and best buds

 Mary gives Nathaniel a hug after receiving a rug he crocheted for her American Girl doll.

Nathaniel crochets at Grandpa & Grandma's


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DoRe' said...

Love the pictures! And loved your Valentine's Day story; believe me, that's typically how *I* roll, but Middle Daughter had the foresight to remind me--ahem--the day before. :) Cool WWII destroyer, by the way, and love seeing all your family, but...where are pictures of you?! ;-D Hugs!