Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Keep Reading

I was at the beach yesterday afternoon, taking advantage of every last good day of the summer. My kids (except Isaac) were swimming, and I was sitting in my camp chair reading. Gotta love the beach!

I pulled out of my beach bag, the Summer Catalog from Memoria Press, a classical education resource. It has articles in every catalog, which I enjoy reading.

The one that caught my eye was Stop Cleaning the Kitchen and Read a Book by Susan Wise Bauer. Well, that's a philosophy with which I can agree wholeheartedly! You can read the whole article here.

It is really an excellent article. While written for the homeschooling mother, I think the principles apply to everyone. It also made me realize that I tend to read too fast (I am a speed reader), and I tend not to reread books unless they're absolute favorites. I am also guilty of reading fairly easy books. I have not ever, for instance, read Les Mis or Crime and Punishment or much Shakespeare for that matter.

Recently, in fact, I find myself blazing through books as quickly as I can so I can write a blog post on them. Even when I want to find time to contemplate them, ponder them, discuss them with my friends or husband, I haven't because I've been too busy reading.

While I'm not ready to start on Anna Karenina tomorrow, I will start a reading journal. And I have started reading through a book off my shelf a little each morning - He Gave Us Stories: The Bible Student's Guide to Interpreting Old Testament Narratives. It's not a classic, but it is academic.

And since it's my book, I can write in it.

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