Tuesday, August 11, 2009


My kids have seen the advertisements for the movie Inkheart and have begged to watch it. The rule in our house is that I need to see a movie before they can watch it (well, as much as possible). I didn't feel like watching a movie, and noticed the book at our library, so I picked it up since the books are usually better than the movie.

Inkheart is a very long book. I enjoyed reading it very much, but I don't think my kids are ready to listen to the book or watch the movie. I was immediately pulled in to the story of the book, wondering what the mystery was, what the secret was, why Meg and her father Mo were hiding.

And I was scared. Inkheart is a very scary book. Perhaps it is scarier than the movie - I've not seen it - because of the images I create in my imagination. My children scare easily, and I do not plan on reading this book to them. I think my 11-year-old son would enjoy reading this book on his own, but not for several years.

One thing I really enjoyed about Inkheart are the little excerpts at the beginning of each chapter. They're taken from many different children's books, some of which I wasn't familiar. They set the emotional tone for the chapter and in some cases, revealed the inspiration of the events of the chapter.

The premise is that Mo can read characters and things out of books he reads aloud. He didn't realize he had this gift until one night he read an evil character out of a book, and his wife (Meg's mother) went into the book. This causes all sorts of problems, and in the course of the story, Meg realizes she has the same gift. The ending feels a long time coming, but is very creative.

Overall, Inkheart is a good, but scary book. I'd recommend it for an older reader who can handle scary books.

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