Sunday, August 30, 2009

When Given Free Cubs Tickets....

you go! Mom and Dad graciously watched the children so Glen and I could spend the day at Wrigley Field. The sun was shining, the breeze, chilly and the game, disappointing. But we enjoyed it!
At the field
See - not a book. A scorecard. And, I filled it out. Just ask Glen.

Look at that beautiful sun!
Oh, and Fukudome at bat.
By the way, I now know he plays center field.
Aren't you proud?
Glen: "I have to admit, I am glad I wore jeans."
I wrote it down on my scorecard.
I even took a picture.
Glen is never chilly.
Honestly, I enjoy going to Wrigley and watching the Cubs.
I was just jealous of those who were sitting in the sun.
I was wishing I had worn my long underwear.
To a baseball game. In Chicago. In August.
Global warming anyone?
A very chilly and expensive place to play video games.
There were four of them, sitting all in a row.
Guess the other two left to find a warmer place to play.

Harry Carey. A legend.

We took the Wrigley Express.
Not fighting traffic in the city. Priceless.
We finally found the sun! On the bus!

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