Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Say ya to da UP, eh?

My dad grew up in 'da UP, eh?' of Michigan. Every summer when I was a child, we'd pack our bags and head north for a week with Grandpa and Grandma. I have fond memories of riding their bikes all over their small town - getting ice cream at the local convinence store, candy at the local grocery, hours at the beach in the water, and sliding down the huge metal slide in the school playground across the street.

Amazingly enough, we've been able to take our children north nearly every summer of their lives - even when we lived in Florida. Now my children have wonderful memories of their own of the little town in Michigan - even though their great-grandparents have both passed away. So, when we announced we were going to the UP this summer, they were excited. One thing we have recently added to our trips are 'adventures' (thanks to my sister - Aunt Carrie).

We, along with my parents, camped out at Great-Grandma's house (haven't sold it yet, but most of the furniture is gone), so there's always work to be done.


All work and no play makes any vacation dull. Dad insisted on taking the kids to the go-carts. They were hesitant at first, but one ride later, they were all convinced it was a great idea. Isaac's already asking to go back when he's eight and he can drive one himself.


Our adventure this time was a trip to Munising and the Pictured Rocks. It was very foggy, but we had a fun time. Well, Lydia & Isaac faded out at our first stop - but perked up after they ate lunch.

Now that Pat & Jim's has closed, we have to walk up to the Dairy-Flo for our ice cream (it's across the street, behind Mom and me in the picture).

One favorite stop is the library - across the street, inside the school. They love that they can go themselves and read. A taste of independence!

Besides the beach, bike rides are a daily event. The kids especially liked riding on the boardwalk.

I think I have a picture of the kids on the front steps from every trip we've taken. I should pull them out and create a collage...

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mollysabourin said...

Wait a minute ... GO-CARTS?! That is one super cool "adventure" we missed out on. : ) I love your pictures and am so glad your family also had a great time in that best little vacation spot in the world!

Michelle said...

I know, right?! Dad saw it going the back way to the new Menard's in Escanaba and decided the kids HAD to go on them because all the go cart places around here are closed. I was so shocked.

One advantage to vacationing with Papa. He pays. :)