Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Grandma's Story

Grandma’s always working, especially now that Grandpa’s recovering from knee replacement surgery. Our family went to Indiana this past weekend to help Grandma with things around the house, and to visit Grandpa in the hospital.

We had a good time, got work done and visiting in. One morning, Grandma and I found ourselves at the kitchen table with no children (amazing!) and had a little chat.

“Grandpa was very impressed with that green cream you put on his sore. It healed up nicely – do you know when it’ll be back in stock?” (Herbal Blend Multi-Purpose Cream: the first thing I pull out for nearly any skin-related issue. It should be back in stock July 24th.)

That question got us to talking Shaklee. Grandma started taking Shaklee about 2005, when I asked her to try it. Because she wanted to support me and my business, she did (bless you Grandma!).

Like many people, she thought it was pricey, and probably not worth it. This weekend, she told me that she’s noticed a difference. Others have too. Aunt Grace, a notoriously hard-worker, said, “You are looking good. It seems you have a lot more energy and stamina now.” I said, “Aunt Grace said that?” We were amazed! (Trust me, if you knew Aunt Grace, you would be too.)

As you can imagine, finances are tight for Grandpa & Grandma. Grandpa’s not able to work right now because of his knee replacement. He’s getting worker’s comp, but the budget’s been stripped down to bare essentials.

Grandma told me she saves her credit card’s cash-back bonuses to buy Shaklee, and any extra she can ‘throw that way,’ she does. She also takes half-doses: one Vita-Lea and B-Complex each day, a Sustained-Release C and Vita-E every other day.

It’s not ideal (ideal would be Vitalizer), but she’s making it work for her. And she’s noticing a difference, so she’s making choices so she can stay on her Shaklee vitamins.

Remember, the most expensive vitamins you buy are the ones that don’t work. Shaklee’s work – why waste money on something else? And Shaklee’s products are guaranteed too: satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

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