Thursday, November 19, 2009

Protect Your Child's Teeth

Recently the children and I went to the dentist’s office for our six-month teeth cleaning. (I didn’t take a picture of them there – but most of them are showing their ‘pearly whites’ in this picture.)

I have to say, I can’t remember being so excited to visit the dentist when I was a kid. My children looked forward to our appointments all week!

I sat in the reception room, waiting my turn while my children ‘visited’ each other as they had their teeth cleaned. (Did I mention how much we enjoy our dentist?) While I waited, I noticed a bulletin board with information about xylitol.

I probably wouldn’t have noticed it, except that I’ve heard a lot about xylitol recently and was interested that my dentist was promoting it.

Something I found quite interesting is that xylitol was first extensively in Finland during World War II. They were facing serious sugar shortages, so they took wood sugar from their birch & beech trees and converted it to xylitol (which literally means “wood sugar”).

After the war, Finnish dentists realized the children using xylitol during the war had exceptionally strong, healthy teeth. So, they started researching xylitol, and using it especially in their chewing gum.

Since then, researchers have discovered that xylitol ‘starves’ the damaging bacteria in your mouth which causes cavities… leading to healthier teeth. But that’s not its only benefit.

Xylitol is also a great low-calorie sugar substitute for diabetics because it doesn’t mess with glucose levels.

And researchers are looking into the possible benefits of xylitol in preventing osteoporosis and ear infections.

Of course, Shaklee scientists are keeping current with all this research, and Shaklee’s chewable children’s vitamins, Ocean Wonders, have had xylitol as a natural sweetener for years.

Incredivites, Shaklee’s newest children’s chewable, contains even more xylitol than Ocean Wonders, plus added Vitamin D and lactoferrin, both of which help support your child’s immune system.

And with winter officially arriving next month, Incredivites or Ocean Wonders are a smart investment in your child’s health.

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