Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Fall Days

We are serious about reading at our house!


Our neighborhood is not the best for trick-or-treating. Not many kids and the neighbors are far apart. For this reason, and a few others, we choose to take homemade treats to our immediate neighbors at Halloween. The children dress up in whatever costumes they can find around the house, and we go to four houses, carrying our cupcakes. They still get lots of candy from those four houses - and then we all go to Chuck E. Cheese for our annual outing there.

Isaac as a 'sheriff', Lydia as Mulan, Anna as Little Bo Peep, and Nathaniel - um, as himself.


This week, the older two have gotten into making "Homework Forts" in the living room during school.
They crawl in them and work on their school work while I read to the younger two.
Sometimes, I read to the younger two as they 'hide' in the forts with their siblings.
Today, I read to the older two while they 'hid' in their forts.

I love teaching my kids at home!

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