Thursday, October 29, 2009

Adventures at Home

Honestly, I do have a ton of books to blog about. I was, in fact, going to blog about one today, but then Nathaniel, Anna and I made dinner.

It may look just like a dish we've dubbed in our house 'The Great Rice-Mix Up" - basically rice with a meat and a veggie. But it's not that dish.

We made an Americanized version of a Korean dish - Kimchi Fried Rice. We're studying Korea this week in school, and this was the project that both Anna and Nathaniel decided they wanted to do.

"Great!" I thought. "Automatic eager helpers for dinner prep!"

And they were. I didn't think to take pictures of Nathaniel browning the ground beef (decidedly un-Korean), or Anna stirring in the ground beef to the rice, onion, garlic and kimchi. So you'll have to take my word for it.

I am blessed to have a cousin married to a Korean, and doubly blessed that they live nearby. So, Tuesday night we visited them and she generously shared her kimchi, so I wouldn't have to buy five pounds of it at the Korean market (which isn't local) and her sesame oil.

When the dish was ready, I thought we had made entirely too much, so called my parents in a panic, "Come over for Kimchi Fried Rice!" But they were at Wendy's getting burgers. Decidedly American.

Well, the dish was a hit! Anna gave it a thumbs up, Isaac said it was 'just OK' (thus the sideways thumb), and Nathaniel's reaction was a clean plate, which is even better than a thumbs up. (Lydia still had to finish her soup from lunch, so she's getting some leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Still waiting on Dad to come home and try it - but he wasn't too thrilled with the idea when I told him what was for dinner.)

I have to admit, it was good. I probably didn't add as much kimchi as I should have, but I added most of what I had. And, as long as none of the Kimchi Fried Rice goes to waste, I'm happy.

Mom did say she'd take leftovers...
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