Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Culture of Corruption

My husband enjoys politics. He could talk politics all the live-long day, if he had an interested and participating person. I, unfortunately, am not that person. Quite frankly, politics bore me. Which is really quite ironic, considering I interned in my state capitol for a semester when I was in high school. Being a page during the annual fall veto session of my state legislature probably killed what little interest I had in politics.

Which makes me quite surprised that I actually picked up this book, and even more surprised that I not only started, but finished it. I probably did because even a non-politico like me has to start getting involved in state and national politics. We in Illinois have the dubious distinction of sending one former governor to jail, and impeaching a sitting governor. Corruption is so ingrained in Illinois politics, it's hard to believe that anyone who has been involved in politics in the past 15 or so years in this grand ol' state is immune.

And considering that our current president is most recently from this grand ol' state of mine... well, you can connect the dots.

Michelle Maulkin connects the dots of corruption and 'pay-to-play' quite well in her book Culture of Corruption. This book is well-researched, well-documented, and should shock anyone lethargic about politics into action.

I will say that reading this book made me realize I am more of a big picture person than a detailed person. I completely got lost in the details of who got the job for this person, who in turn used their influence to acquire state contracts for that first person - or even more convoluted than that.

I did figure out that the big picture of Culture of Corruption is that Obama says one thing, and does quite another. As my parents always said, "Actions speak louder than words." And the actions of the current administration are quite sickening.

Let me point out that Maulkin is quite critical of the former administration too. "Pay-to-play" is not limited to the Obama administration - it's just much more prevalent and/or obvious this time around.

If you're politically lethargic like me (I want to point out that I do vote), this book will force you to pay more attention to those in power, no matter their political affiliation.

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