Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Morton Arboretum Adventure

We rushed through schoolwork this morning so we could have time for an Adventure - a fancy, more exciting name for field trips (thanks Aunt Carrie!).

Today, we went to the Morton Arboretum, courtesy of the museum passes from the library. My mom joined us, and as we walked in, she reminisced about the last time we were there - one Mother's Day when I was a child. She called it her most favorite Mother's Day ever.

It wasn't until we had been through the maze and were almost through the entire Children's Garden that I admited that particular Mother's Day I remembered as long, hot, tiring and oh, so boring. We laughed, and marveled at the fun my kids were having.

And they were having fun! We didn't have time to pull out our sketchbooks to draw what we were seeing, but they spent almost an hour drawing after we got home.

The maze and Children's Garden were great, and we all really enjoyed seeing the Animal Houses exhibit. Isaac's standing in front of the Pollywog Pond, created by an artist from good ol' Wauconda. They had 10 other 'houses' on exhibit - all interactive and great fun for the kids. Mom and I marveled at the creativity and work put into each of them.

The Animal Houses exhibit is only there until November 15th - so go soon!
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