Monday, November 09, 2009

Missed Opportunities

I missed an opportunity yesterday afternoon to take my Sunday afternoon nap. Actually, I made the choice to miss it - it was a beautiful afternoon and the sun sets so early these days. I figure it was the last beautiful day I'll see until probably April, so I wanted to take advantage of it.

Instead, I chose to sit outside for a few minutes and chat with my friend who stopped by to drop something off after church.

Then, I chose to take the boys to the forest preserve for an hour or so. I was planning on a hike, but then the girls decided not to come. The boys were dying for some time at a place they dubbed "Frog Falls" in a part of the preserve we normally do not frequent.

And I missed my opportunity to take pictures. I saw the camera on the counter, and decided not to take it.


Camera or not, I will forever remember my boys, eleven and six years old respectively, tromping alongside the creek with their sticks looking for frogs. Enjoying each other and enjoying the beautiful weather. Isaac, tromping through the woods, and coming out full of little sticky seeds all over his clothing. Then promptly stepping in the creek up to his ankles, and begging me please, can we stay? because it was an accident Mom!

Nathaniel, laying on a rock, diligently clearing leaves out of the waterfall so it will sound pretty Mom, and then realizing his actions always have consequences I didn't realize the water would start flowing so well, then ruin the little pond of still water where the frogs like to stay. Do you think they'll find a new place to hang out Mom?

I sat in my chair, soaking in the sun, reading my book between watching my boys be boys.

And you know what? I'm glad I missed my Sunday afternoon nap.

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Neave said...

That sounds like a great afternoon Michelle. Even though I look forward to adventures in the woods with my kids I'll do my best to enjoy these fleeting days with super cute babies. Thanks for the reminder.