Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Only 1 Week Left

Air purity is a hot topic these days – I’ve seen articles in the newspaper, online, in the paper’s weekend magazine about the dangers air pollution.

Oh, are you thinking the air pollution outside?

Actually, the quality of our outdoor air has steadily gotten better (in most parts of the country). It’s the quality of the air inside our homes which is really bad, and steadily getting worse.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warned about it years ago – calling it America’s #1 environmental health problem.

As always, it takes awhile for the message to get out.

Now, you can find all sorts of infomercials touting the benefits of an air purifier.

Do you really need one? The short answer is yes. Especially if:

  • you have a newer home, have remodeled recently, or plan to remodel (including painting)

  • you have young children and/or pets

  • you have seasonal or environmental allergies

  • you have asthma or other respiratory issues

  • you have a compromised immune system

If you’re not sure why the air inside your home isn’t safe, let me know, or look at my website about air quality.

With winter coming on, it’s more important than ever to invest in a whole house air purifier. It will help you and your family stay healthier, because it frees your immune system from dealing with all the toxins in the air – allowing it to focus on what’s really important, killing those viruses being passed around work, school and church.

Shaklee’s AirSource 3000 is a great investment (you have to be a member to see the page). I’ve had one for over eight years, and cannot imagine life without it.

(Read more about my experience here.)

You only have until September 30ththat’s next Wednesday – to order your AirSource unit. Why? Basically Shaklee decided it wasn’t worth the expensive process of registering it with the state of California, as will be required starting October 1st.

Why am I encouraging you to purchase one before they go off the market? Several reasons:

  • Shaklee will still honor the original three-year warranty

  • Replacement modules (which you need once a year) will be available for three more years – allowing you to stock up before they’re gone.

  • You can consider an AirSource an appliance – it should last like one (at least 10 years, perhaps more).

  • You will be glad you did!

Please call me or e-mail me with any questions you may have. I found it is worth every penny I spent on mine – I’m healthier, my family is healthier – and with winter around the corner, that’s worth a lot!

If you would like to order one, and cannot access any of the above links, let me know. I can order one on your behalf.

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