Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lost Tooth

I pulled out the camera this morning to take a picture of Isaac's first lost tooth. Really, a picture of his mouth missing his first tooth. He yanked it out yesterday after I discovered Monday night that he had a big tooth growing in behind his baby teeth. That boy worked and worked on that tooth all afternoon. Then we had corn on the cob last night, so his other front tooth is about to fall out.

I obviously got the focus on the wrong part of his mouth - but you can see his missing tooth, new tooth coming in (sideways) and an almost missing tooth. The tooth fairy gave him two quarters last night - anticipating the next tooth coming out I'm sure. :)

When I went to upload the photos for my blog, I was surprised to see that some little gnomes, namely Isaac and Lydia, had grabbed my camera and went on a shooting spree while I read school books to their older siblings this morning. I thought you'd enjoy seeing some of their handiwork...

Isaac is quite the little photographer. He pointed out to me that this last photo is Teddy's close up. He thought it hilarious, so I couldn't delete it - like I did about 80% of the 200 pictures they took.

I love digital cameras.

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mollysabourin said...

Hey! Those are some pretty creative compositions! : ) Your kids have some real talent.