Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sugar Snow

When I looked out the window early this morning, I thought of Little House in the Big Woods. Remember when they were surprised by a late spring snowstorm and he told Laura it was a 'sugar snow?' She tasted the snow and it didn't taste like sugar, so she didn't know what he meant. Later she learned it was good for tapping the maple trees for sap to make syrup.

I almost wish I had a maple tree to tap for syrup - if it weren't for all the work it takes to make syrup out of the sap.

It's so pretty, isn't it? Much prettier when you can sit with a cup of hot tea and look out the picture window in the living room. A little more annoying when you don't have to get to worship team rehearsal with four children by 6:45 a.m. (I'll admit - I was about 20 minutes late.)

We lost power for a few minutes, one of which when I was pulling out of the garage into an unshoveled driveway of at least 6" of snow. I didn't realize that was the reason why the remote wasn't working - so I jumped out of the van to see if I could close it from inside the garage.

Did I mention that Glen asked me to clean up the boots last week? He told me it was safe to put them away for the season. Famous last words!

Let's just say I attempted to get out of the driveway at least four times before we finally made it to the street, and my foray into the drive netted me wet feet.

It was still beautiful after church - driving through the streets of snow-covered trees. Later this afternoon, the sun came out and the snow started falling and melting like crazy. I imagine it'll be gone tomorrow. I'm glad I took a few short moments this morning to enjoy the beauty before it was gone.

Now I am ready for spring!

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Molly Sabourin said...

Wow! You all got a lot of snow!! I,too,put our boots/gloves away last week only to dig them back out this weekend. I appreciate your positive, Laura Ingalls inspired, outlook on the weather! :)As always, you're my hero for getting four kids dressed and out the door by 7:00 am.