Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Happy Birthday Haircuts


the girls

the boys

the craziness begins

and continues

the 7yo

the 5yo

birthday boy

the tools

Nathaniel didn't want to call our friend Daisy to cut hair until after his birthday. Alas, today, his birthday, was the only day that our schedules coincided, and so the hairs were cut. And cut, And cut. The vacuum was FULL of hair when it was finally over.

Nathaniel requested a "Leichty cut" - I didn't force it! (Nathaniel's good friend, Robbie, had requested a "Leichty cut" from Daisy when he went to see her last year). I'm not complaining. And YIKES! does he look so much older? I realized today I can no longer put my chin on his head. Pretty soon, he'll be taller than me - our chiropractor thinks within two years. Am I really ready for this??

I also had to share Nathaniel's excitement over his gift from Glen and me. Yes, its locking pliers and he was absolutely thrilled. It's nice to hand over the gift shopping to Dad.

Happy Birthday Nathaniel - Daddy and I love you so much!


Molly Sabourin said...

GREAT pictures, Michelle! Thanks for posting them. The kids looks precious (and old) with their new do's! I hope Nathaniel had a very Happy Birthday!! :)

DoRe' said...

Hey, lady--how are you!? You are a woman of many talents, and now I'll add "Keeper of Many Blogs" to the list! Hope you're doing well, and keeping up with all your kiddos--you've got a good-looking bunch there! :D *Hugs!*