Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kara's Story

I got a phone call from a friend and customer that warmed my heart. I have known Kara for several years – and have always enjoyed her cheerful company and her love for her family. As we’ve gotten to know each other, I discovered that underneath her beautiful smile and happy demeanor, Kara was dealing with some troubling health issues.

She’s in constant pain, and if she eats fruits or vegetables, she swells up and her pain increases significantly. She’s also on medication for seizures. When I met her, she had a cupboard full of supplements from a myriad of companies, none of which provided any relief and some which made things worse.

I don’t remember what I said or how I said it, but somehow I asked her to give Shaklee a try. She did, and she’s been taking Vitalizer for the past couple of years. This morning, she called to tell me ‘thank you.’

“Thank you so much,” Kara told me, “for getting me to try your vitamins. I decided I’d ask my doctor again for help in dealing with this mysterious pain, and he took a bunch of tests. I told him I eat so much meat that I will probably die of a heart attack before I’m 40! But, would you believe it? All my tests came back and I’m healthy. Extremely healthy. Where the numbers should have been high, they were high. Where the numbers should have been low, they were low. I am so glad I am taking those vitamins!”

Good news! Yet, bad news too. Good news she’s so healthy, but it puts back at square one as to answering the question as to why she’s feeling so much pain. I recommended she try Pain Relief Complex, with a reminder that if she doesn’t notice a difference in the next two weeks or so, then she will get her money back.

Maybe you’ve tried all sorts of different brands from all sorts of different companies. I would encourage you to give Shaklee a try – with their money-back guarantee you really have nothing to lose. You can use the entire box of Vitalizer, and if you don’t notice a difference, Shaklee will give you your money back. And they’re nice about it too!

Maybe you’ve had an experience similar to Kara’s – Shaklee’s products have made all the difference. If so, I’d love to hear about it.

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