Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sweet Little Lucy

Most Tuesday mornings, my kids and I are privileged to watch sweet little Lucy, the daughter of a good friend. Lucy comes to our house while my friend attends Bible Study Fellowship with her son. We've all become quite attached to little Lucy - she's talking now and has quit taking her morning naps, so we get to enjoy her more now than when she first started coming.

Anna is in charge of collecting Lucy from her mom when she comes in the morning because I'm usually reading to Lydia and Isaac. After we're done with school, Lydia is in charge of playing with Lucy while I read to Nathaniel and Anna. Lydia loves being in charge. She finds dolls and purses for Lucy to carry and when it's warm enough, Lydia takes Lucy outside to play in the yard and go down the slide. They're cute together.

This morning, she ran to the piano when Anna started practicing. Anna didn't mind at all. (Her attitude would have been completely different had it been anyone else joining her on the piano!)

We all enjoy Lucy - we'll miss her this summer, and next year she'll be old enough to go to BSF. I know she'll win hearts there too.

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