Thursday, April 05, 2007

No More Spring Cleaning!

If you do just a little bit here and there throughout the year, Spring Cleaning will be an event from the past.

Here are some techniques to avoid Spring Cleaning forever! (from Don Aslett's Cleaning Center)

Dust as you go- Instead of sitting while your favorite show is on a commercial break, keep a Microfiber cloth in each room and wipe down the surfaces that collect dust. Get the family to do the same when they are in-between things. The company I represent now carries microfiber cloths - I am thrilled with them!

Vacuum where needed- Quickly go over high-traffic areas often. You’ll be amazed how clean it keeps the room, and how long the carpet will last! Carpet in less traffic areas and under furniture need it less often.

Get spots quickly- The sooner you work on spots in the carpet, the easier they are to remove. This general cleaner removes most spots. If more power is needed, Fresh Laundry Liquid Concentrate also works well, as does Nature Bright. All three (plus more) are included in the environmentally-safe, non-toxic cleaning starter kit.

No time to Sweep or Mop? - Get one of our (Don Aslett's) Scrubbee Doo 2’s! With many heads to use for any type of mess, you’ll wonder how you lived without it. Use the Dust Mop (#30-128) head to quickly keep your floor free of dust, hair and crumbs. Use the Absorbent Mop (#30-130) head to soak up those spilled drinks. The Damp Scrubbing Mop (#30-122) head will keep you floors sparkling with less rinsing needed. And each is made with Microfiber, so simply throw them in the laundry after each use. This was one of the best tools I ever purchased for cleaning my house - I highly recommend it!

Mats are a must! – We (Don Aslett) have said for years mats are one of the most effective ways to keep your house clean! Most of the dirt that comes into the house is from your shoes. With our mats, both exterior and interior, catch more than 80% of the dirt from coming inside. Our Astroturf Mats are the best defense at stopping dirt. Each blade of synthetic grass works like tiny little scrapers to clean every boot, shoe and paw that comes through the door. And don’t forget a good interior mat. They are better than an old piece of carpet by creating a static charge that attracts dirt and moisture into the fibers and away from your carpet. When any of the mats get dirty, just take them outside and shake or hose down and let dry. These are on my wish list for my birthday this year!

Keep Everything together – It is easier and quicker to know where your cleaning tools are when a mess occurs. I've discovered it's so convenient to have a little cleaning caddy in each bathroom and under the sink. I keep full-strength bottles under the kitchen sink, so we all know where they are. A set of spray bottles there, and in each bathroom, makes quick clean-ups easy!

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