Friday, April 13, 2007

Myth: Our Body can Handle Whatever We Dish Out

We Can Handle the Body Burden

“Mainstream physicians and toxicologists assure us that a frontline defense of healthy livers and kidneys will keep us safe from nearly all levels of toxic accumulation” (pg 28).

“Unfortunately our bodies were never designed to protect themselves against this chemical onslaught,” observes Paula Baillie-Hamilton, a British authority on the health effects of toxic chemicals.

“As a result, our systems usually fail to process and remove most of these chemicals once they have entered our bodies, so their levels start building up inside us. Consequently, every single human on the face of this earth is now permanently contaminated with these modern synthetic chemicals” (pg. 28)

-From The 100-Year Lie by Randall Fitzgerald

Not exactly the news I wanted to hear, right? However, you can take steps to limit your chemical exposure and reduce the toxic load your body is carrying.

First, I would recommend switching brands. That easy, simple step can immediately limit your toxic exposure. I recommend Shaklee brand - it's a company you can trust for non-toxic products that are safe for you and your family. Switch cleaners, personal care products (shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, etc.), skin care and makeup too.

Second, I would recommend high-quality supplements - and even a detoxification program. There are many books you can read about detox programs, but remember to never start a detox program unless you are under the care of a medical professional.

Third, make sure you are breathing clean air. The products we surround ourselves with are drenched with chemicals... and those chemicals don't stay where they're put. They release into the air we breath... filling our bodies with more toxins. I recommend this air purifier. It's made a tremendous difference in my health.

Fourth, make sure you drink clean water. Water, too, is full of toxins and poisons - and our body can be affected by even the smallest dose. You never know what can or will trigger a reaction. The best purification system for water is reverse osmosis, and can be quite expensive. I recommend this reverse osmosis system. It's a counter-top system and easy to use. No plumber needed!

Fifth, start changing the foods you eat and the cookware you cook with. There are simple steps you can take to start switching over to less-processed, more nutritious foods. For example, switch from iodionized salt to real salt. Simple, yet it can make a big difference. For more information, contact me.

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