Thursday, April 05, 2007

Healthy Homes e-News for April 2007

Happy Easter! I would say “Happy Spring,” but I think something frightened spring away this week. Monday and Tuesday were pretty nice days, but then Tuesday night hit, and wham! We’re in winter again.

Don’t tell my girls though. They are insisting on wearing their new (to them) summer dresses – much to my chagrin. I feel like putting a sign on their backs saying, “I told them it was cold!” Some battles are not worth fighting – I asked them to please put on a sweater. Thankfully, they obliged me.

The little taste of spring did inspire me to do some spring cleaning. Did you feel it too? I was surprised to see this article on the front of my hometown newspaper. Titled Danger within reach, it focuses on the danger of household products – from makeup and lipstick to expired prescriptions and household cleaners. It made me thankful that I’ve switched brands to this brand – no danger there!

(You can find the article, and most others mentioned here if you just scroll down a bit.)

I’m not the only one – Colleen loves her non-toxic cleaners too.

SCOUR-OFF works! I can hardly believe it! I was finally getting around to using my new Shaklee stuff last night and was getting ready to tackle the shower. It was almost completely rust red and I was dreading the hour of scrubbing and harsh chemical smell. THEN I used the stuff you gave me and WOW WOW WOW it came right off! Last time it took me forever to scrub the darn thing clean. This stuff smelled like strawberries and wiped it clean right away. I am sooooooo impressed. Also did some cleaning with the Basic H and it worked too. Getting ready to do my car windows with it later tonight. Thanks for introducing me to these products. Now what do I do with the CLR and LimeAway under my sink? Cleaning was never so easy and pleasurable. Gotta love not having that awful smell!

(note from Michelle – the CLR and LimeAway are considered hazardous waste, so please dispose of them properly!)

Spring cleaning does stress me out a little. It’s difficult to work hard on getting one room cleaned and move on to the next – only to turn around and find the children have destroyed the room I just cleaned. I’m sure I’m the only one who’s experienced that! That’s why I like Don Aslett’s tips for cleaning house – a little every day and there will be no need for a big spring clean.

I’ve started taking his tips to heart – and enlisting my children’s help. So far, so good. It’s wonderful to walk into a bathroom that is always clean (the older two take turns cleaning it every morning – which is perfectly safe for them because we’re using non-toxic cleaners).

Besides cleaning, one thing I’ve been working to teach my children is conservation – in all areas of life. My grandmother is wonderful at this – saving water in ways that I never dreamed, reusing containers instead of just recycling, and more. Here are some simple tips on conserving water in your house this spring.

If you’re interested in reducing your carbon footprint (my what? Read about carbon footprints here.), you might want to read what others are doing. Will Steger’s team wrote out their list here. (You can read more from Will Steger here.)

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