Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Clean Air is Essential to a Healthy Home

I know that my family and I are healthier because we have an air purifier that cleans the air inside our home. It kills mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses and destroys dangerous gases so that our bodies don't have to try to deal with them. It also takes the dust and other stuff out of the air.

I really notice the difference during pollen season - spring and fall. It's really helped me gain my life back during allergy season! I cannot imagine life without my air purifier.
Neither can Jan S. Here's what she says about her air purifier:

Michelle kept telling me that we needed this air purifier but it just seemed hard to justify the expense. Yet I seemed to feel like I was getting sick so often and then would need to take extra nutriferon, defend & resist, etc. While I could usually fight off the illness it did seem unnecessary to so often be fighting off the bug. We finally gave in and got the air purifier. I rarely feel like I'm getting sick now. This has to be because of the air purifier as nothing else has changed. Not only that, but our basement which always smelled moldy has absolutely no odor now. Several of our family members couldn't tolerate even stepping into our basement because of their allergies. Now none of them has any problem with being down there. It has made an amazing difference in our lives in so many different ways.

This spring, consider giving you and your family the gift of fresh, clean air. It really helps people with allergies and respiratory illnesses, such as asthma. It is worth the investment.

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