Saturday, March 26, 2005

Why this is one of the best home based businesses

Are you evaluating home based internet businesses? Read this letter from Jodie S., in Sheridan, Michigan.

"I would love to share my story with you. I am 24, and do have a home based day care. However, my license expires in May, and I am not getting recertifed.

I was introduced to [this company] about 6 years ago. Never purchased a Membership, and only used [this cleaner] . I continued purchasing products at retail prices for about 4 years. I decided to purchase the Membership after my first daughter was so sick! I mean I was on first name basis at the pediatricians office. She started out life on an antibiotic. At about 3 months her doctor decided she probably had allergies. He asked me if my house was clean. I told him I am a clean freak; I spray the crib, changing table, diaper pail, everything with LYSOL! He told me that was GREAT! (Boy was I STUPID)

Shortly after that she was also diagnosed with Chronic Asthma. So she was now on 2 inhalers, and 2 allergy medications. After going on with this for over 18 months, I decided that I would call Mary Alexander, she did a Healthy Home Party that I attended, and I also got a few products from her. She told me that the first thing I should do is get all the CHEMICALS out of my house. I thought she was CRAZY! So I thought what do I have to lose. I can get my $$ back if I don't like it or whatever. After all this was a better offer than Shellbie's doctor had made.

So I got a box took all of my cleaners out of the house and replaced everything with [this company's products]. After a few weeks, I did see some change. I then started her on [a multi-vitamin], [chewable vita-c], and [chewable calcium]. After about 2 weeks the change was for sure. We hadn't been to the doctor in about 6 weeks.

After the success I saw my daughter had with [this company], I began to share [this company] with my friends. One of my best friends had a son, who was about a month older than Shellbie. He was so sick that he had tubes in his ears, tonsils & adnoids out, and on 1 antibiotic for 21 days at a time. I began to share with her, so she thought she would try it. She to began to see the results. She then detoxed her house and replaced everything with [this company].

It was in May of 2002, I decided to start my own business. I wanted to make a difference for others by sharing Shaklee with them. In July I was [making money] just by sharing with others. After I tell people my story they always decide to try it.

I never really decided to replace my day care business with Shaklee until Shellbie started pre-school, and how much I sometimes miss out on by being tied down with day care. When I started my day care it was so I could be home with her, and be involved in everything she does. Well, with day care you cannot. Unless you have a back-up, or close for a day, then you have upset parents! Because they are depending on me!

Now that I have another daughter Shalie who is 9 months, I realized how much I have missed out with Shellbie. Not as much 1 on 1 time, etc. The greatest things about [this company] vs. Day Care is that you can work when you want, with whom you want, and how much you want. No 60+ hour weeks, No taking caring of kids you dont enjoy, and being tied down to your home EVERYDAY 12+ hours per day!

If I can develop an AWESOME business in 6 months, earning a Bonus Check of $1200, anyone can do it! You have to be COMMITED, CONSISTANT, and CONFIDENT and you will be SUCCESSFUL!

My best friend that I mentioned before with the sick son, also has an in home day care, and she is building a Shaklee Business too. She is already [making money]. You know the funniest thing too, is that she told me she couldn't have a business because we knew the same people. Was she ever wrong.

I always assure my new builders that they are the only one who can stop themselves from SUCCESS!"

As an aside, I cannot legally tell you the name of the company that changed Jodie's life and the life of her friend. I'm not trying to scam you - these are REAL people, using REAL products that REALLY work. And you can make REAL money from home doing it.

And, the great thing is that other than talking with people, it's based on the internet. Questions? Read more here.

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