Monday, March 08, 2010


On Friday, I was frantically finishing Isaac's pizza, packing my clothes, cleaning the kitchen, making sure the children were packing their clothes so Glen and I could drop off the children and head out for the weekend.

Yep, by ourselves. With no children. For a whole weekend.

What a treat!

But in my frenzied state, I forgot to have Anna take a picture of Glen and I before I took them to my mom & dad's for the weekend. Thankfully, my camera has a timer.

Once we took the picture, I realized I had shut down my computer. So, I thought I would just work on it at the bed & breakfast where we were spending the weekend. After all, Glen never goes anywhere without his laptop (just in case the world ends at work).

Famous last words.

Well, Friday's gone. The weekend's over. We've been there and back again (I cannot stop with the Lord of the Rings references!), and had a wonderful weekend.

Just the two of us.


Beth said...

Good for you Michelle. Did you go anywhere special or just send the children to Papa and Nana's? Sounds lovely. I did get to sleep in until 9:30 on Saturday thanks to dear Jared and awoke to fresh coffee brewing. Don't worry about the Lord of the Rings references, you have seen the title of our blog, right?

Michelle said...

We did go somewhere - to Amish country in Indiana. We stayed in Middlebury, spent time in Shipshewana, and stopped in Michigan City for shoes on the way home.

Sleeping until 9:30 is heavenly! Especially when coffee's ready when you wake (not that I drink it). We slept in too, but breakfast was at 9, so didn't sleep quite so late.

My facebook update today was "And so it begins. Another school week, not the Battle of Helm's Deep." Thus, the 'can't quit with LOTR references.' But they are handy - as exemplified by your blog title. ;)