Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Mad, Mad March

This month is a big month in this Leichty household. This week is a big week.


The NCAA Basketball Tournament begins tomorrow - a whole day and night of basketball games... and a whole Friday, and a whole Saturday, and a whole Sunday.

Normally, this would not make me happy. However, since we've been married, Glen & I have had a contest every March. He makes his picks for the tourney, and I make mine.

For the first 10 years, I won. Yes, me, who rarely watches college basketball, except in March. It drove Glen crazy because I made my picks like this:

"Mizzou is my alma mater, so I'll pick them. I've heard good things about Duke, so I'll pick them. My cousin is at Oregon, so I'll pick them to win."

Little to do with ranking, how they played in their respective conference tournaments, or what the commentators are saying.

Like I said, it drove Glen crazy.

The problem is, I started second-guessing myself. I think I'm still ahead overall in our contests, but have lost ground over the past few years.

Now we've included the kids in our contest - Glen calls it the Leichty family 'pool'. I wrote down Isaac & Lydia's picks yesterday (they both picked Clemson to beat Mizzou - what's that all about?!)

Anna made a point to tell me that she picked Mizzou. That's my girl!

Hoop Dream

By Rebecca Kai Dotlich

The sound of the ball

as it drums on the ground.

The fans in the stands

who are held spellbound.

The tick of the clock.

The feel of the floor.

One quick, sure step,

then shoot to score!

Poetry Wednesday
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Beth said...

Ooh March Madness. I have such good memories of this time of year as I was growing up. My dad, an avid sports fan, watched all the games available and then my parents and some good friends would get together for dinner and to watch the final game. This is when I wish we had converted our tv. Seems like something I would like my boys to participate in!

Molly Sabourin said...

I think that is an awesome family tradition! Your kids are going to remember it so fondly as they get older. I can't believe Glen has not come up with a fool-proof mathematical formula yet for determining the winners. I'd probably pick my teams based on uniform color. ; )