Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The End is Near

No, not the end of the world - but the end of college basketball. Until fall at least.

Since the Final Four are this weekend, and the Championship Game is on Monday night, I thought I would share this final basketball poem (for now - I have a few others in mind for another time).

I have to say, even if you do not follow college basketball, you have to admire those Butler Bulldogs. An amazing team from a small conference - a 5th seed, making into the Final Four! Perfect year too, because the Final Four will be played this year in Indianapolis - a basketball-crazy town that will gladly adopt the home team since neither Purdue or Indiana University are playing. Go Butler! I'd love it if they won the championship.

An update on our family pool - if West Virgina beats Duke on Saturday night, then Glen wins. If Duke beats West Virginia, then probably Isaac will win. If Duke wins the National Championship, he's golden. Both he and Lydia chose Duke to win it all.

I'll let you know next week - when the games are done. It makes me a little bit sad to write that - which is why this poem is appropriate.

After the Game

By Tony Johnston

The game is over.

But the gym still


with the basketball’s





poetry Wednesday


Kris Livovich said...

I still shake my head in wonder at the love of basketball. Although I believe my husband might become a fair weather fan just to watch Butler! I might even join him in the watching.

I love that you have a family pool for the games. What will the winner get?

Michelle said...

We started our family pool a few years ago - I thought it would be a fun family event. The kids aren't that into it - but it does keep them somewhat interested in the games.

The winner gets bragging rights - and if Glen & I are in a really good mood - ice cream at Culver's. If I win, I definitely get Culver's. :)

Nothing too fancy - just fun.