Monday, February 08, 2010

Super Bowl Celebration

I am quite amused at the anticipation my children feel for Super Bowl Sunday. I remember dreading it as a child - forced to watch a football game because there was nothing else on TV. The only time I got excited about football was the year the Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl. That was the year I finally understood the term "first down."

Our Super Bowl Tradition (yes, with a capital T) started several years ago, Glen could tell you the exact year, when the Chicago Bears played the Indianapolis Colts in the Super Bowl. Glen grew up in Indiana, but rooting for the Bears, so the competition between his two favorite teams created much angst in our house.

"Which team will I root for?" he asked the children time and time again.

This, of course, intrigued them, so I decided to put on a Super Bowl spread and we would watch the game together. And, shock of all shocks, we would eat in the living room (a very rare treat, deserving of italics).

Since that game, it has become our annual tradition. The children were counting down the days until Super Bowl Sunday, their excitement increased by the fact one of Daddy's favorite teams, the Indianapolis Colts, was playing in the game.

So yesterday, I made my Ro-Tel cheese dip, ham & cheese sandwiches, put out the trail mix, chex mix, and soft pretzels and we feasted in front of the TV. Anna even generously contributed a bag of Skittles a friend had given her at church that morning.

It's a family tradition we enjoyed immensely - even though the Colts did end up losing. Glen was the only one really disappointed, I think. The kids were more disappointed that there wasn't any cheese dip leftover.
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