Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Calling Out Your Name

When I was contemplating joining the "Poetry Wednesday" bloggers, I was very concerned that I would not be able to find enough poetry that I enjoyed enough to share. I am not completely enraptured with poetry, and I doubt I ever will be.

However, I felt I needed to stretch myself a bit. And finding a poem to share each week would certainly be stretching. Still I hesitated.

Until I remembered that music is poetry. Poetry combined with notes and rhythms. I realized I would have plenty of poetry to share, even when I don't have time to find a poem for the week.

That's when I started participating in Poetry Wednesday. It has been stretching - and enjoyable.

Today, I share with you the poetry that makes up part of the lyrics to one of my favorite songs from Rich Mullins - an artist who's work accompanied me through my high school, college, and young adult years.

Calling Out Your Name

Well, the moon moved past Nebraska and
spilled laughter on them
cold Dakota Hills
And angels danced on Jacob's stairs...
There is this silence in the Badlands and over
Kansas the whole
universe was stilled
By the whisper of a prayer...
And the single hawk bursts into flight and in the
east the whole
horizon is in flames

I feel the thunder in the sky
I see the sky about to rain
And I hear the prairies calling out Your name

I can feel the earth tremble beneath the rumbling
of the buffalo hooves
And the fury in the pheasant's wings...
It tells me the Lord is in His temple and there is
still faith that can make the mountains move
And a love that can make the heavens ring...
Where the sacred rivers meet beneath the
shadow of the Keeper of the plains

I feel the thunder in the sky
I feel the sky about to rain
And I hear the prairies calling out Your name

I know this thirst will not last long, that it will
soon drown in the song not sung in vain

I feel the thunder in the sky
I see the sky about to rain
And with the prairies I am calling out
Your Name


Kris Livovich said...

Oh, Rich Mullins! I have loved his music since I was a pre-teen. It's effect on me has deepened for me each and every year. This is one of my very favorite songs of his. Thank you for reminding us that music is indeed poetry. I'm so glad you are doing this Wednesday experiment with us, also. I'm not a huge poetry person either, but am learning to enjoy it. (as long as it's not too deep and obtuse...)

Molly Sabourin said...

I so love it, Michelle, when a song has really solid, thought provoking and unpredictable lyrics. You are right about songs being poetry! This one is very powerful. Great choice!

Beth said...

Thanks for bringing in the music. I have thought of doing it several times but have not found the right day for the song I really want to do. Also, I have always enjoyed Rich Mullins' music. This is a great song. Thank you for sharing it.

Also, would love to hear more about the Waldorf session you attended. Trying to merge Charlotte Mason and Waldorf philosophy and come up with something for next year.

Have a good weekend.

DoRe' said...


Admittedly, I know nothing of Rich Mullins, but this--well, this is incredible.

It was just last week that I was bemoaning the "ugh-ness" of the lyrics in so many pop songs today; obviously, I'm just listening to the wrong stuff. :-D