Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Flotz

My very dear friend, Mrs. Mionske, gave my family a book several weeks ago. She gave it to me after she had read it, and had marked her favorite poems with sticky notes, bulletins, e-mail messages or business cards.

I love getting books like that. I, of course, immediately sat down and read all her favorites. My oldest then claimed the book and read it cover to cover, in order. (Just what I would have done at his age.) Fortunately, he did have the sense to leave all the bookmarks in place.

I just read my sister-in-law's blog, and discovered that her poetry-friend had suggested a theme for today - love - with it being Valentine's Day and all. Well, this poem doesn't exactly fit the theme. But I will force this square peg in the round hole by saying:

I love getting hand-me-down books from Mrs. Mionske... and I love that we have been friends since I was in junior high. (Thus the Mrs. part. She keeps telling me to call her Jean, but I just can't.) She sought me out because my name was in every single church library book that she checked out. She thought we must be kindred spirits. And we are - bless her! I love the fact that we've remained friends for so long, and that one of my best friends is old enough to be my (very young) grandmother. Hugs to you Mrs. Mionske!

The Flotz
by Jack Prelutsky

I am the Flotz, I gobble dots,
indeed, I gobble lots and lots,
every dot I ever see
is bound to be a bite for me.
I often munch on myriads
of sweet, abundant periods,
I nibble hyphens, and with ease
chew succulent apostrophes.

From time to time, I turn my gaze
to little dotted "i's" and "j's,"
and if I chance upon a dash,
I soon dispatch it with panache.
I chomp on commas half the day,
quotation marks are rarer prey,
a semicolon's quite a treat,
while polka dots are joys to eat.

When I confront a dotted line,
my tongue flicks out, those dots are mine,
Morse code becomes a feast, and yes,
I've snacked upon an S.O.S.
For I'm the Flotz, who gobbles dots,
I gobble them in pails and pots,
And you'll not like my brief embrace
if you have freckles on your face.

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(And, in case you are wondering, I am happily married to a wonderful man who loves humor more than sappy sentiments - Love you!)


Molly Sabourin said...

Oh Shelley,

Why am I not surprised at all that your name was on every book at the church library? : )

That's awesome.

What a cool photo of the book you were given and what a lovely description of your long time friendship with Ms. Mionske (I hope she reads this!). There is no need for shoving - this poem and this post are full of love!!

Beth said...

Your poem made me smile. Thanks for another one that I should share with the boys. I think they will enjoy it. And how lovely to have a relationship like you have. I became very good friends with one of my youth group leaders and she is a treasure to me. Love to you. B

Kris Livovich said...

Love comes in so many ways, doesn't it?! You did not stretch the definition at all.

I think I need to add a few poetry days this month just to cover all the different kinds of love out there.

My kids really like Jack Prelutsky, but we haven't read this one. They will enjoy it!

DoRe' said...

I sort of wish there was a "Like" button on Blogger; I'd use it here. :D