Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What a Weekend

Glen took two of the children to IN this weekend to work at his parent's. I kept two here for a quiet, yet busy weekend at home. We started the weekend watching Bolt Friday night. Saturday we went to the Wauconda Public Works Open house.

We got a tour of the waste management facility. Or suffered through? This room stunk, but Anna looks pleasant enough. :)

Monkeying around at Papa & Nana's, waiting for a birthday party for Isaac's friend to start.

While Isaac was at the birthday party, Anna requested Mommy-Daughter time with ice cream and watching Annie. So, one library & Jewel stop later, we were enjoying our ice cream mid-afternoon while watching a movie. Such decadence! Anna loved it. Quite frankly, so did I.

On Monday, we went to the Memorial Day parade. I was hoping to clean the boys' room, but the kids remembered it was parade day (twist my arm!).

Yes, it was THAT cold. At least at 9 am, when we arrived at the parade. By the way, it didn't start until 10. Oh, and we were at the end of the route (my clever trick in bringing home less candy), so we sat for a good long time before we actually saw the parade. Anna & Isaac were amazingly patient. I, of course, brought a book to read. They people-watched.

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