Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Coming Clean...

I want to thank my friend Beth G. for this great picture & story.

I have a confession... it's the relationship I had with my stove. I've disliked her from the beginning. She's the OTHER women in my life. Let me explain... she's canary yellow, 40+ years old and often ran too hot or not hot enough, her burners would work, when they so desired. My husband however enjoyed her looks and often took her side whenever I had a complaint.

I began to plot.... if I don't clean her she'll go away. I was going to win this battle, or so I thought. The time came when we needed to purchase a new freezer/refrigerator, so my husband decided to purchase a suite of appliances. HOORAY, I'm going to get my new stove.

The method to my madness was paying off, or so I thought. I had been dreaming of the day when I could do my victory dance out on the curb, in front of my house on garbage day. When one day, my dream was shattered... my husband was going to install her in our basement.

She's not going away. I thought if we're going to keep her, I better clean her.

I used Shaklee's Basic H2 and Scour Off to clean her. All natural, all powerful with NO toxic fumes.
She now looks beautiful.

If Shaklee's Scour Off can do this with her, imagine what it can do to your pots and pans, bathtub, grill or the OTHER women in you're life.

I was going to have the last laugh... or so I thought.

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