Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Preparing for Summer Fun

I trust you had a good Memorial Day weekend. Mine was busy, but quiet. Quiet in the sense that my husband took two of our children to his parent’s house for the weekend to work, which left me at home with these two. Half the children=half the noise (smile).

But we were busy. These two wanted to do every single special thing they could think of this past weekend – the Public Works open house and a birthday party on Saturday, the Memorial Day parade and a bar-b-que at a friend’s Monday. And, Anna begged, begged, begged to go to the beach over the weekend.

All our outside activities in the sun got me to thinking about stocking up for our summer. My Anna is quite responsible, so she dug out our sunscreen and slathered it on her brother and herself, leaving me to deal with the faces, tops of ears and back of necks.

Summer is almost here – even if today is a bit cool and rainy – and now’s the perfect time to prepare. Here’s what I’m keeping on hand for our summer fun:

Performance: Shaklee’s rehydrating drink. It comes in a powder, since Shaklee doesn’t believe in shipping water when you have that at home. Easy to mix, with exclusive Opti-Carb formula that gives you carbohydrates for energy to finish what you start, and electrolytes for quick rehydration. Comes in lemon-lime or orange (my family prefers the orange).

Cinch Snack Bars: Great to throw in the backpack for your day at the beach or park or on the go. Full of protein to keep you satisfied, with no artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors and no trans fats. We love the Chocolate Decadence and Peanut Butter Crunch.

Enfuselle SPF 30 for Body: Everything we put on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream, which is why I choose Shaklee’s sunscreen for my family. It has UVA and UVB protection, plus Shaklee’s patented Vital Repair+, which has antioxidant vitamins and botanicals to protect your skin from premature aging. Plus, it’s safe for the most sensitive skin.

Enfuselle Lip Treatment SPF 15
: I wasn’t sure it was worth the extra cost – but then I tried it. Wow! Shaklee’s lip treatment is nourishing, soothing and protects your lips from sun damage. It works so well, I use much less of it than other brands, making it cost effective. Plus, it’s Shaklee, so you know it’s safe.

There you have it - my summer favorites. Can't wait until it's actually warm enough to go to the beach. Anna will be thrilled.

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