Monday, May 18, 2009


I have to admit, I picked up and put down this book a half-dozen times at the library last week. Did I really want to read a book with the title Celebutards, The Hollywood Hacks, Limousine Liberals, and Pandering Politicians Who Are Destroying America? "Looks interesting," I thought, "but not thrilled with the title." I don't like calling people names. But, still, looks interesting.

The interesting part won me over. I picked it up, and I read it.

At first, I wasn't thrilled with Andrea Peyser's sarcastic tone throughout the book. (I don't read her column in the New York Post, so I wasn't familiar with her style.) But I grew used to it, and started feeling a bit sarcastic myself.

I mean, who do these people think they are?

I admit - I am not one who follows celebrities. First, I figure I have enough drama in my own life without adding theirs. Second, I figure I have enough hang-ups with my own body image to continually compare myself to them. And third, I don't find their lives all that interesting.

In her book, Peyser has chosen 32 well-known people (and one town), given us a little background 'from whence they came' and then quotes from their public record, allowing them to hang themselves with their words. As you progress through the book, the chapters get shorter and shorter - the people hanging themselves so obviously little commentary is necessary to explain why that particular person is so obtuse.

It's honestly a little scary when you realize that these people really think 'they're all that' and more... and that the American public is dumb enough to believe them.

As much as the title still disturbs me, I found the book fascinating as Peyser takes on Hillary Clinton, Rosie O'Donnell, Martha Stewart, Jimmy Carter, among a host of others.

Let's just say, Peyser didn't make many friends writing this book. I applaud her - we all need to be accountable for our words and our actions.

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