Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A Family Favorite

My children were the first to find these "Rabbit Ears Treasury of..." CDs at our local library. This is the one we checked out - "Rabbit Ears Treasury of Fairy Tales."

Honestly, my first impression was, "What a rip-off!" There were only four stories and each one takes about a half-hour to tell because of all the musical interludes they include.

But, by the time we finished the entire treasury (2 CDs), I had completely changed my mind. We all LOVE these CDs! I cannot call them books on CD, because they're not. The librarian who checked us out thought they were movies, which they are most definitely not. They're tales, told by celebrities with original music composition to accompany them.

On this particular CD, my favorite is 'The Talking Eggs' set in the bayou of Louisiana. Sissy Spacek brings the story to life and the music by BeauSoleil sets my feet to tapping. I could listen to this story again and again. In fact, I have.

There are a whole bunch of titles in the "Rabbit Ears Treasury of..." series. So far, we've also enjoyed the "Tall Tales" (Nicolas Cages' Davy Crockett is outstanding! and my kids love Garrison Keillor's Johnny Appleseed), "World Tales" and "Fables."

I would not hesitate to pick up any title in this series, because I'm sure that we would all enjoy them - from the five-year-old to the 10-year-old to the ??-year-old mom - and that's quite a feat.

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Rcoaxum1 said...

I loved the Rabbit Ears Treasury of... series too! In fact, I have heard of the Rabbit Ears stories since I was a child. They are really masterpieces in their own rights and probably the best audio cds out there! What are your favorite Rabbit Ears stories? Mine's are:

The Fool and the Flying Ship
John Henry
The Emperor and the Nightingale
Brer Rabbit and Boss Lion
The Fisherman and His Wife

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