Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Care Packages for Soldiers

In May, my family said a very sad farwell to my dear cousin, who is now in training to go to Iraq with the Wisconsin National Guard.

Before our farewell, my sister gave us a great idea of giving him small gifts he could open here, but we would send in a care package once he got to Iraq. We scoured the internet, looking for ideas of what to send.

Here are some great ideas for care packages:

all-natural toothpaste
multi-purpose cream (for sore feets, dry skin, bug bites, chaffing boots)
rehydrating drink powder (easy to ship, plus the best stuff on the market)
muscle recovery shake powder (again, easy to ship; good for after workouts or long working days)
individually-wrapped protein bars
energy tea sticks (for hot or ice tea)
multi-vitamins (to keep them healthy!)
beneficial bacteria (to keep Montezuma's Revenge at bay)
individual all-natural cleaning wipes

Thanks to the men and women who are serving our country. I appreciate your sacrifice.

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