Friday, July 20, 2007

Kids Come Up Short

Vitamin D deficiencies are all over the news these days.  I spotted another article in the paper about being outside for a bit without sunscreen in order to be able to make enough Vitamin D.  Then, I picked up my weekly US News & World Report and found yet another article about it.

This article focused on more than just vitamin D though.  It also mentions that "rates of asthma and related respiratory problems climb in kids who are short on other commonly missing essentials, including vitamins C and E and omega-3 fatty acids."
In short, even if your kids eat everything put in front of them, they are not going to be getting enough nutrition from food alone.  That's why we've chosen to supplement with a top-quality children's vitamin, which doesn't break the bank.  It's made from real food, the raw ingredients and final products are rigorously tested for impurities (better than organic!), it's made in the US, and my children love them.  What more could you ask for?

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