Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tips for a Safe Summer

As we focus on the fathers in our lives this month, let's look at some ways to keep those special guys healthy this summer.

The American Cancer Society predicts that men will account for 64% of the 8,000+ people who will die from melanoma in 2007. That's a lot! Here are some ways to protect your skin this summer (for both guys and gals. :) )
  • Avoid going outside between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. when the sun's rays are most intense.
  • Count time in the water and being out on hazy days as time in the sun. (Water lets nearly all UV rays through - and even cloud cover lets 80% of UV rays through.)
  • Don't depend on clothes or an umbrella for protection. (Wet or light-colored clothing offer almost no protection. Also, light reflects! So sitting under an umbrella at the beach can create the same UV exposure as sitting in direct sun.)
  • Apply UVA/UVB protection every day - indoors and out. (Statistics prove most UV exposure occurs when we're not even thinking about it! Don't forget ALL areas - tops of ears, bald spots, back of necks and hands, and tops of feet.)
  • Boost your skin's natural defenses against environmental pollutants. (Researchers agree that the same nutrients that protect your health also play a big role in the vitality and appearance of your skin. This sunscreen contains nutrients readily available to your skin to help break the free radical chains which can prematurely age the surface of your skin.)

Stay Hydrated
The Center for Disease Control says men account for 66% of all deaths caused by extreme heat. Keep cool by avoiding exercise in the hottest part of the day, and hydrate early and often. "Feeling thirsty means that you are already dehydrated," says Ingrid Skoog, director of sports nutrition at Oregon State University. Drinking lots of water is a great idea. If you need an extra boost, try this rehydrating drink.

Florida summers are hot and lawn work can be exhausting. [This rehydrating drink] to the rescue! I mix it up based on the label suggestion and drink a big glass before I go out. I make extra so there’s a big thermos ... waiting a break time. I have more when I finish, plus [this muscle building and recovery drink] if my jobs were strenuous. I really love the stuff!”
-Billy C.

You can also rehydrate by eating watermelon! A 1" slice is a great source of hydration - it contains 92% water and lycopene - which boosts skin's natural SPF.

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