Wednesday, November 23, 2011


 Grandpa & Grandma Sabourin

 Grandma (Nyberg) Nelson (and Anna)

 Grandma Marce

Grandpa & Grandma Cotterman
(with all their great-grandkids)

We will be celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow with Grandma Nelson and Grandpa Roy.  The family who can come will converge on Rockford - Fairhaven Retirement Community - where Grandma & Roy live.  Not everyone will be able to be there, but I think we'll be almost 30 for dinner tomorrow - including one of my mom's cousins and family.

I'm so incredibly thankful for my family.  I know I am blessed - not only to be a part of my family, but also to marry into my husband's family.  Even though we cannot see them all tomorrow, all are in our thoughts.

I admire all of our grandparents so much.  So many times I've thought of Grandma Marce reading to Uncle Junior as she washed the dishes - remembering to be thankful I have the opportunity to cuddle on the couch with my children because the dishwasher is running in the kitchen.

This Poetry Wednesday, I dedicate this poem to my grandmothers especially - all four of them.  Even if they didn't all work the ground as this poem suggests, they all worked very hard and raised wonderful children.

Margaret Walker

My grandmothers were strong.
They followed the plows and bent to toil.
The moved through fields sowing seed.
They touched earth and grain grew.
They were full of sturdiness and singing.
My grandmothers were strong.

My grandmothers are full of memories
Smelling of soap and onions and wet clay
With veins rolling roughly over quick hands
They have many cleans words to say.
My grandmothers were strong.
Why am I not as they?


Beth said...

What a blessing you have in your grandmothers. And what a lovely poem. Thank you. Wishing you all a blessed Thanksgiving. Love to you.

DoRe' said...

I love this poem, and thinking of the strength found in my own lineage. :) Thankful.:)

Thinking of you and yours today--what a fantastic gathering! We'll be at Little Brother's house with a few familyfriendsfamily (the lines get blurred with these ones--we're pretty lucky:-D)--let the joy (and eating) commence!


PS--boots are still sitting there; they're growing on me. :)

PPS--I like the look of my new turkeys, too. And they're SO comfy! ;-)

DoRe' said...

That's funny, Michelle--I actually "ran away from home" back in March, I think. ;-) It's been a while, and I've been good and well without it. :)

Also, I love zambonis too,!!! The girls were always willing to stay after ice skating practice to watch it work its magic... :)

And, wouldn't it be cool if we WERE related?! Hope you got enough rest! ;-)