Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sonlight Box Day!!

We FINALLY opened the boxes!

They've been sitting in our living room, staring at us, silently begging me to open them - urged on by the audible pleadings of my children.

But other things had to take priority - until this week.

We are preparing for overnight guests, so I motivated my children to clean their rooms with a promise to be allowed to help me unload those Sonlight boxes in the living room. (For the record, this is a job I usually keep to myself, so it's a BIG DEAL.)

The girls' room was cleaned in record time.

The boys missed out. Although they tried to sneak in here and there.

Anna's job was to unload the boxes and show me the books so I could check the packing list.

Lydia's job was to take pictures.

It got a little crazy, especially since we had to chase the boys out of the living room about every 15 minutes (usually after Anna or I or Lydia would exclaim loudly, "Wow! Look at this book!")

But, the books are on the shelf, ready for school Monday. Last years' books are packed away, waiting for their turn with the younger two.

My friend Barb even stopped by yesterday to help me put together the Instructor's Guides, although I didn't get any pictures.

The best part was this morning, when Isaac said to me, "Mom, why can't we start school today? I mean, I'm getting bored of summer break."

I mollified him by listening to him read Nate the Great out loud.

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Luke said...

Happy Box Day! [smile]