Thursday, August 05, 2010

Finding Normal

I've logged on to write this post about three or four times this week, but always something more pressing comes my way (making dinner, bedtime, work), and I close blogger without writing anything. I've missed three Poetry Wednesdays now, which means I have to write it on my calendar now, or I'll never remember to post on Wednesdays again.

So much has happened - Glen and I have been to Alaska, Canada and back. My parents survived a week and a half with our boys, including a week of Cousins' Camp (with 8 grandkids, ages 4-12), our girls have been to overnight camp in Indiana and back. The children and I babysat a friend's toddler so her parents could go to Great America on Tuesday - and then we spent the day there yesterday.

We are wiped out. Tomorrow, we all leave for Michigan (lower peninsula this time), for my cousin's wedding. We are so excited!

And to top it all off, I have two Sonlight boxes in my living room just dying to be opened. My 10yo keeps asking if she can bring up the books for her younger siblings.

"I'm looking for something to read, Mom, and I know you'll let me read their books since I can't open my school books."

When will we get settled into our routine? Who knows. I hope to have my official "Sonlight Box Day" next week (I'll post pictures!), and we plan to start school August 16. (Public schools start on the 18th.)

I'll stop writing now, and leave you with some of my favorite pictures from the last few weeks. I'll try not to be excessive... but we were on an Alaskan cruise after all! :)

This is just the children's luggage. Packing was a nightmare!

But worth it! The flowers in Anchorage were gorgeous.
Here we are at the Hubbard Glacier
Pitchfork Falls outside Skagway, AK

Mendenhall Glacier outside of Juneau, AK
It rained all day - we were soaked!!

All the cousins at Papa & Nana's

Anna (in pink) & Lydia (in yellow) at overnight camp


Mary Ann said...

Your Mom sent me the details for your blog about Uncle Len. I enjoyed reading that. But then I checked other entries and was interested in your Alaska trip. We were in Alaska the first two weeks of August. The flowers were some of the sights that really impressed us. They were gorgeous. I also identified with packing to some degree. It was hard enough to pack for just the two of us. Then add getting things packed for your children and their adventures too. I would have really been tearing my hair out.

Your Mom's cousin, Mary Ann

Michelle said...

Thanks Mary Ann! It's funny that we were there so close together. Thanks for commenting on my blog - and feel free to return. :)

PS I do remember you. Hope your girls are doing well.