Friday, January 29, 2010

Front Door Fridays

This morning my friend Michele took my four children to see a play at the Raue Performing Arts Center in Crystal Lake. In return, I watch her youngest, Dylan. We've been doing this a couple of times a year for the past two or three years, and in that time, Dylan and I have become buds.

Last year, Isaac stayed with us because he had to go to kindergarten. He and Dylan had a great time playing until the bus came. So when I told Isaac the plans this morning, he said to me, "I'd much rather stay here and play with Dylan than go to a play."

He did go to the play, and right now Dylan is digging through the boys' room, seeing what he can find - an accordian, the guitar, a princess wand that belongs to the girls. "What's this doing in Isaac's room?" he just asked me.

Good question, bud.
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