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November 2005 e-News from Healthy Homes

I apologize for the lateness of my newsletter this month. A stomach bug ran through our house this week, wreaking havoc on my schedule. Amazingly enough, I was the first one to get it (aren’t moms usually the last to fall?) – but thankfully, it spent itself pretty quickly. My husband was the next to fall, followed by only two of our four children. The experience made me more thankful than ever for the company I represent. While we did get sick, we weren’t sick very long (only a couple of hours) and we recovered pretty quickly (usually 24 hours). Also, I’m in awe that two of the children never got it! I can attribute that to these products and much prayer.

Due to the circumstances, I’m going to keep this newsletter quite short. I’m planning to send a longer one via “snail mail,” so watch your mailboxes!

In this month’s newsletter:

1. Product Spotlight: Vibrant at Any Age

2. How Meadow Blend saved my hands

3. 10% off on the 10th

1. Product Spotlight: Vibrant at Any Age

The weather is changing and so is our skin. Check out my website for information on Shaklee’s skin care products, makeup line, and supplement suggestions to help you look your best this winter. (Hint: these products are not just for women. Many men have seen great results too!)

Honestly, when I first saw that this company carried skin care products, my first thought was, “Must we compete on those products as well?” It seemed a little ridiculous to me. Then I tried the products – and I’m telling you they’re like nothing I’ve ever used before. I absolutely LOVE the makeup… and I’m counting down the days until my current bottle of face wash is used up so I can switch to the skin care products.

The thing I appreciate about these skincare products is that they’re scientifically researched – not just by the company's scientists but also by independent laboratories. Also, I know that they are not harmful to my skin or to my body. (Think about it – everything on your skin is easily absorbed into your body – that’s why those patches work so well.) Plus, they work – they make my skin feel so good and I hardly notice that I have make up on.

Online you’ll find information on the clinical trials, what makes these products different, hints & tips on using the products, and answers to frequently asked questions. I’ve found it quite insightful, and I’m sure you will too.

2. How this company's hand wash saved my hands

As you can imagine, we’ve been washing our hands a lot around here. At one point in time I decided I was going to count how many times I washed my hands in a day – between diapering, helping with sick children, helping with potty training, and being sick myself. I gave up after about six times in a half-hour (a particularly bad stretch). Last winter, my hands were so chapped and dry they were actually cracking and bleeding at the knuckles.

This winter, not only am I washing my hands a lot, but I’m also washing a lot of dishes since I don’t have a dishwasher. I decided I needed to switch products and tried this handwash to put into my soap dispensers.

It is a soap-free cleanser with juniper, arnica and wheat germ. It has saved my hands! Despite all the washing, my hands are not cracking and bleeding. I still need to use moisturizer, but I’m no longer digging out the Band-Aids for my knuckles. I love it.

I also switched to this dishwash for my dishes. It’s very gentle on hands, cleans dishes like you wouldn’t believe and is safe for the environment.

Hint: You can also use our general cleaner for handwashing and dishwashing. It won’t have many suds, but it will still clean those dishes. For hands, put a small squirt bottle next to the sink and use a tiny bit (full-strength).

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