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Healthy Homes e-news from August 2006

Greetings! I trust you are weathering the “dog days” of summer. We’ve survived the recent 100 degree heat in the Chicago area. Our poor, 30-year-old air conditioner is running constantly. Fortunately, it’s still running, although it’s not very efficient. I’m sure we’ll have to replace it soon.

The end of summer is almost upon us and with it, time for school! As a homeschooling mom, I thought I would school year-round, but this summer decided taking a break would be good. We’re going to start schoolwork at the end of August, or after Labor Day, I haven’t quite decided yet. However, we are taking advantage of the Back-to-School specials to stock up on notebooks and crayons.

While you stock up on Back-to-School specials, consider stocking up your “Shaklee” shelf to ward off those back-to-school germs. See the article below for recommendations.

In this month’s issue:

1. Eating fish seems to protect against macular degeneration

2. Fish oil helps weight loss

3. Calcium helps women keep weight in check

4. Ward off back-to-school germs with Shaklee

5. Last Month to start Three for Free

6. More Ways to Save Money


1. Eating fish seems to protect against macular degeneration. (

Two new studies give one more reason to eat a diet rich in fish: prevention of age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in old age.

The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish are already known to help the heart and brain stay healthy. Two new studies (published in the Archives of Ophthalmology) add to evidence that fish eaters also protect their eyes.

One study of elderly American men showed that those who eat fish twice a week had a 36% lower risk of macular degeneration. The other study, from Austrailia, followed men and women for five years. It found that people who ate fish just once a week reduced their risk by 40%.

The U.S. study also found that smokers nearly doubled their risk of macular degeneration compared with people who never smoked.

Macular degeneration starts with blurring in the center of what the sees. It progresses to blindness, slowly or quickly, depending on the type of disease.

Researchers don’t yet know why eating fish seems to protect the eyes.

Omega-3 is not the only supplement which helps protect your eyes. Read on:

“My vision had gotten progressively worse. My eyes fatigued easily and my vision in my left eye was blurry. I have had laser treatments on my eyes and have Type 2 Diabetes. I was diagnosed with macular degeneration. My daughter, Peg, had me start on Beta Carotene. I took two capsules daily. In less than three weeks, I noticed a difference in my eyes. I woke up at 2 am one night and could see clearly out of my left eye. I could not believe it. I went to the eye doctor and could read the second line from the bottom. I never read that line and am going to be 85 years old. I do take 2 teaspoons of liquid mult-ivitamin, 2 B complex, 2 GLA and 1 zinc every day. But, most of all, I love my Beta Carotene.” –Ronnie G.


2. Fish oil helps weight loss (

Fatty acids, which are found in fish, can help in weight loss when combined with moderate exercise, an Australian study found.

The University of South Australia study found that daily doses of fish oil containing omega-3 fatty acids helped obese people burn off excess weight.

"The omega-3 found in fish oil increases fat-burning ability by improving the flow of blood to muscles during exercise," university researcher Alison Hill told Reuters.

The university's study monitored 68 overweight and obese people, divided into four groups, over three months.

One group took small daily doses of fish oil and another was given sunflower oil with no other alteration to their normal diet. Both groups undertook moderate exercise programs of a 45-minute walk or run three times a week. Another two groups received either fish oil or sunflower oil but did no exercise.

The study found that those who took the fish oil doses and exercised lost an average of 2 kg (4.5 lb.) over the three months.

The groups that took sunflower oil, which does not contain omega-3 fatty acids, and exercised did not lose any weight. The two groups that did not exercise also lost no weight, the study found.

"We were very surprised to see it was so effective, especially since these people were still eating whatever they wanted," Hill said.

The more I read, the more I understand how important it is to supplement my diet with fish oil – especially since I don’t like to eat fish! Even if you are a fish-eater, you should be careful to eat fish high in Omega-3 fatty acids only once a week because of the high risk of heavy metal (like mercury) poisoning. Supplementing with this brand omega-3 fatty acids is a smart choice. This company takes pharmaceutical-grade fish oil and purifies it even further, so there is absolutely no trace of heavy metals in the fish oil. It certainly wouldn’t do to protect your brain, heart & eyes with Omega-3, only to suffer the effects of heavy metals in your body!


3. Calcium may help women keep weight in check (

Getting plenty of calcium might help fight middle-aged spread, a new study shows.

Women in their 50s who took in more than 500 milligrams (mg) of calcium daily in supplements gained 4 pounds less over 10 years than women who didn’t use supplements.

There is evidence that calcium can help people stay slimmer, but it’s not conclusive. The most convincing explanation for how calcium might exert such effects, says the study’s head researcher, are studies showing that low calcium intake boosts the amount of calcium contained within cells, which in turn switches on genes involved in fat formation while inhibiting fat breakdown.

This new calcium product is proven to not just prevent bone loss, but build new bone – in independent clinical studies. Here’s the added bonus – take your calcium, and it may help you maintain your weight over the years. Read more about the new calcium here.

Speaking of weight management, remember to check out this brand-new weight management system! The people who’ve tested it are loving it. Here’s what Suzanne from Indiana says:

"I started this program two weeks ago, and I have now lost 13 lbs.** I know I have also lost inches because I tried on my new skirt for the 50's party at August Convention, and it was TOO BIG! I had to take it back and get the next smaller size! The clerk remembered me and asked if I was on Weight Watchers. I said 'No, it is a new program', and she asked for my business card. The trainer at my health club wants information right away, too." **Results not typical


4. Ward off the Back-to-School Germs

It’s that time of year again! The children go back to school, excited about the new year, and bring home the germs and colds - and pass them on to you!

What should be in your arsenal this fall to combat those awful germs?

children's chewables multivitamin (for children 12 & under) or adult multivitamin with Iron (12 & over)

chewable vitamin C and/or a sustained-release vitamin C

beneficial microflora

Also helpful are: garlic and zinc

I’ve found that when my children are sick, they need extra “ammunition” in the form of supplements to help fight it off. I usually give a second dose of children's chewables in the evening, and chewable vitamin C too. If they’re extra sick, I’ll give an extra dose of beneficial microflora in the evening as well. (I would NOT recommend this with any other brand but this one.)

Many people have asked if I’m concerned about overdosing. In a word, “YES! If they were taking anything but this company!” I know this brand's vitamins are food in an easy-to-take form. On a normal, healthy day, I wouldn’t want to give them a double dose of vitamins, but when their bodies are under attack, they need more. They generally get over their colds pretty quickly, and generally don’t pass them around the family either.

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