Friday, July 20, 2012

Pre-Family Vacation. (Or Family Vacation, Part 1)

I had decided I wanted a few extra days in Upper Michigan.  A week never seems quite long enough to relax and enjoy the beach.  Plus, we were going to miss the Gladstone Fourth of July parade, which made me sad.

We usually camp out in my grandmother's house.  My uncle's been trying to sell it for the past four years (at least), so I wasn't worried.  Until my dad told me in April that Grandma's house had sold.

What great news!

Wait a minute...

No July 4th in Gladstone!  I was very sad.  Dad said, "Call my cousin!"

"I hardly know your cousin!"

"Call him anyway.  He says he wants to stay connected."

I wrote Nolan, Dad's cousin, a letter.  I boldly asked to invite myself and three of my children (Glen was working & Nathaniel on a youth trip to New Orleans) to their house for four days.

They said yes!  And we had a great time!

The kids and I started with a family tradition:  Gladstone's July 4th parade.

 Lydia was grumpy about sitting in the smallest chair.
It was really hot, so we went back to Nolan & Carol's to rest & nap.

Thursday, Nolan declared it too hot to stay in Gladstone, so we headed to Munising.  We went to the waterfall (which we could not walk under, much to Nolan's dismay), then had a quick picnic lunch before heading out on the Pictured Rock boat tour (gorgeous).  The way home included a stop at Pete's Lake in Hiawatha National Forest for a swim, a stop at Carol's brother's house to clean up after the swim, and a stop at a small store for big bowls of ice cream.  Whew!

 Nolan & Carol - our hosts

 Pictured Rock Boat Tour

 Nolan & Isaac enjoying a snack

 Anna loves Pete's Lake!
She read while Isaac played in the sand,

 Carol and I took pictures,

 And Nolan threw Lydia & Isaac in the water 
to wash off the 'stickies.'

Wednesday night's fireworks had been postponed because of a storm that blew up right before they were to be let off.  So we had a double dose of fireworks.  Thursday night we went to Escanaba for their fireworks, and Friday night we watched Gladstone's.

 Lydia & me in Escanaba

Friday and Saturday we hung around the house, so Nolan brought out a plethora of airplanes and gliders for Isaac to throw.  He was in heaven!

So much for Gladstone's beach!  Nolan and the kids went to the pool on Friday afternoon for several hours, so the kids did swim some before we headed down to town for a week with my family.

Which is your teaser for Family Vacation.  (Or Family Vacation, Part 2).  More pictures to come of biking, fishing, swimming, beaching, reading, relaxing, touristing, etc.

Stay tuned!

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