Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Sew Determined

This morning, Isaac said to me, "Mom, I want to make a kilt for Lambie."

I heard, "quilt."

"Isaac, honey, you already have a quilt. We made it months ago and has buttons on it. I know it's for Teddy, but surely he'll share."

"No Mom, a KILT."

"OH. That's another matter entirely. I'd have to have a pattern... and... " (picturing in my mind a Scottish kilt with all the pleats etc.)

Subject dropped so we could get to his sisters' softball game.

I forgot about it.  Isaac did not.

After lunch, "Mom, I'll clear the table so we can make Lambie's kilt.  I found the perfect fabric, and even white fabric for the inside."

Me, "WHAT?"  (In my head.  I did not say it out loud, thankfully!)

So, instead of a nap I so desperately craved, here's what I did this afternoon:

Button for the back of the kilt

Decorative button at the front of the kilt.
Apparently, it has the emblem from the Delaware flag on it.
Of course, Isaac would know that.
Of course, I would not.

Lambie in his finished kilt!
(I realized Isaac wanted the plaid fabric.  He wasn't worried about the pleats.  SO much easier!)

Grandma Sabourin's sewing kit

My sewing kit.
(Maybe I'm a tad OCD? Just a tad though.)

This was one of those moments I was very glad I sacrificed my nap to help Isaac's dream come true.  He even volunteered to clean everything up so I could go lay down.

He did.

I did.

Everyone was happy.  Except Lydia, who did not get an opportunity to sew today.  However, she will soon.  I promise.

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DoRe' said...

Man--you are the best mom.

I love that he needed a kilt for Lambie; our children would get along just fine.... ;-D

Have a great week!!! *Hugs* from muggy Washington state!