Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Since I've neglected my poor blog for... not sure how long... here are some pictures to catch up on our recent family happenings.  And since half of our immediate family were born in April (Nathaniel, Glen and I), it's mostly about birthdays.  But other stuff too.

Today is the official birthday of my wonderful husband, Glen.  (And that of his sister, Karen.  No they are not twins - but born three years apart on the same day.)
Happy Birthday Glen & Karen!
(That's ME in the picture, not Karen.  This is for Do Re'.)

Our family LOVES March Madness.  This year, Isaac and I tied for the highest number of games picked correctly - we each picked 41.

Because today is Glen's birthday, as a birthday gift I will concede that while Glen didn't pick the most number of games correctly, he did pick the final game correctly - Kansas vs. Kentucky.  Although he picked Kansas to win.  Thankfully they didn't, but this Mizzou alum still hasn't quite forgiven him for picking Kansas.

 This is my oldest on his birthday.  
He agreed to help me watch the twins of my good friend Dawn so she could attend church.  We had so much fun cuddling on those sweet little babies!
Above, Nathaniel is holding Micah.
Below, I'm holding Jude.
(Wait - WHAT?  isn't that the 3rd picture of me in this blog post?  Do Re', I hope you are ecstatic!)

Isaac and my dad worked hard on creating this car for a pinewood derby this month.  
Isaac came in 3rd overall - not bad for his very first race!

 And Lydia officially got her expander and braces off this month.  Here she is with her orthodontist, Dr. Foley.  When I went back for the celebration, the assistants all told me how much they loved Lydia and what a perfect patient she was.  It was good news to this mommy.
Congratulations Lydia!

And now I just realized that the only family member missing from today's post is Anna.
She took the picture of Glen and me - hope that counts.  I guess I've been as remiss in taking pictures as I have been in blogging.

(in case you're wondering, my birthday isn't until next week...)

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DoRe' said...

Ack--I didn't see this post?!?! I'm honestly baffled; I don't remember this one showing up in my feed. But I must give you props; MULTIple pictures in a single post--I don't often reach those heights of bravery. ;-9

What sweet, sweet babies; love the expression on your face as you cuddle Jude. Sometimes I miss having tiny ones, but I can definitely appreciate the physical ease of having children old enough to dress, feed, and mobilize themselves. :)

Okay, now I'm really off to bed. Who Has Seen the Wind is a favorite around here; thanks for posting. :)

G'nite hugs,