Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Look at that!

This week has been bee-u-ti-ful! The sun is out, the weather is warmer - it's been lovely.

It almost makes me forget how downright cold it was for the previous three weeks. And how it rained for nearly eight days straight.


But, there's a silver lining to every cloud, isn't there? Last Thursday, when I despaired of ever seeing the sun again, it peaked out from behind the clouds at just the right time.

The weather forecasters had been promising us a change from the dreary days, and then Thursday afternoon it poured and poured. Just before sunset, as I was on my way to Bible study, this is what I saw. Amazingly enough, I even had my camera in the car to capture it.

Beautiful! What a great ending to the dreary days.


Kris Livovich said...

Beautiful rainbow! We are definitely enjoying the warm weather this week. Outside every day!

Beth said...

This is the second blog post I have seen with rainbow pictures. Just lovely.