Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Highlights of our Trip

Insanely busy and rather overwhelmed right now.
But, the girls are sleeping in today, so I have a few minutes to share some pictures of our recent trip to our nation's capitol. We had a wonderful time, hosted by my Aunt Bev.

On Aunt Bev's rooftop.
(Do you see the Washington Monument in the background?)

Kids said swimming in the pool was one big highlight - even though the water was freezing because of Hurricane Irene.

Isaac celebrated his 8th birthday while we were there.
My highlight? No more car seats!

Aunt Bev generously took us canoeing & kayaking on the Potomac.
We had so much fun!

And what's a trip to DC without pictures of the memorials?

We were all hugely disappointed by the construction on the Reflecting Pool.
Judging by the comments heard when we walked up the Lincoln Memorial, so was everyone else.

Washington, DC from the Robert E. Lee House in Arlington Cemetery.


klgpac said...

Great Family Photos! Looks like a fun and educational time for all!

DoRe' said...

Love the pictures--we loved our time there last spring. Bummer about the construction on the reflecting pool! Hope all is well there; many, many changes on this end, including a return to public school. Hm; I think I'm still waiting to exhale on that one. :-?
Will catch up soon!

Hugs from WA!